Natasha GreyNatasha Grey is a former Psychotherapist and the author of the acclaimed children’s book, Everyday Superheroes. She is also the host of iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast, The Conscious Living Podcast where she spent two years interviewing and learning from the best in the industry, everyone from NY Times bestselling authors to CEO’s of large organizations who incorporate meditation into their business’ as well as powerful women raising a family at home. Natasha’s experience as a psychotherapist combined with her immersive work in meditation practices’ gives her an incredible advantage of cultivating a unique, transformative environment and experience for all human beings from all walks of life.

After years of exploring different meditation practices, Natasha concluded that its not one type of meditation practice that fits all. This is when she decided to put all of her experience into one venture and this is when YOUNION was born.

YOUNION doesn’t hold a specific belief structure around one type of meditation, but rather encompasses a variety of modalities, practices and philosophies. Younion has a variety of offerings to choose from that accommodates everyone’s needs on any given day without having to ascribe to a particular belief or religion to guide their practice or experience.