The Experience Genie“When we get knocked down we have 2 choices. We can stay down or we can get back up.” – Josh Dawson

No matter how crazy your idea is, you need to act on it! If it feels right and will serve the world, it’s your duty to act on it. Josh will share tips on how you can learn to follow your intuition, even if your intuition is telling you to dress up as a Genie and grant wishes…

We all have those ideas. Ideas that we know we need to act on but also make us look “crazy”. So what do you do, follow your intuition and do what you know is right or do what everybody else thinks is right? It’s up to you. Create your life or let life create you.

Meet Josh

Genie, Dad, Lover of Life.

Josh received his Bachelor of Commerce in International Marketing in 1998 and sold his first business to Canada’s largest travel company at age 30. Throughout his career, Josh has travelled the world extensively living in Canada, America, Australia, Ireland and England. Although avoiding the use of traditional labels, Josh has amassed a diverse, unconventional (and certainly odd) roster: TEDx presenter, writer, entrepreneur, stock trader, marketer, Thai scuba diver, race car driver, fighter jet pilot, and principle investment advisor.

Now, as a real-life Genie, he spends most his days on the road granting wishes. A gypsy by nature, this fun-loving Genie is on a mission – to celebrate life with light, one wish at a time.

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Show Notes
  • Meet Josh Dawson. [0:28]
  • How Josh developed this amazingly diverse bio. [1:32]
  • How to trust your gut. [2:27]
  • Who or what is The Genie? [3:58]
  • What do you do when you get knocked down? [7:18]
  • Where most of our help comes from. [8:08]
  • Just because it’s a crazy idea doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do. [8:34]
  • How to make your dreams come true… Even if you have kids. [12:10]
  • Step 2 to making your dreams a reality. [14:07]
  • Josh’s long term dream. [14:49]
  • Is your dream your reason for existence? [15:27]
  • What keeps The Genie alive? [17:08]
  • Where can you find The Genie? [19:31]
  • What if my wishes aren’t coming true? [21:02]
  • Habits that contribute to Josh’s success and overall fulfilment. [23:13]
  • 2 easy things you can do to improve your life. [24:05]
  • A new trick that Josh finds has really been helping him. [26:07]
  • Josh’s lesson for the World. [26:49]
  • How to follow your heart. [27:48]
  • Resources and how to contact The Genie. [31:32]


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