Are You Conscious Of Your Feelings?

October 7, 2015
I was inspired to share this question with you:
Are you conscious of your feelings? I mean really aware?
This question (as obvious as it may seem) wasn’t so obvious for me in my consciousness. I spent the  weekend pondering and reflecting on this question at a workshop entitled, The Desire Map, which was created by Danielle LaPorte. It was such a liberating experience. Our facilitator, Kate Durie supported and guided the group as we explored some pretty powerful, life changing questions.
During this journey, I learned that I was constantly in search of a “good feeling” and if I wasn’t feeling a good feeling then I would try to numb myself. As a result, I felt numb and wondered why I wasn’t feeling anything. I felt like I was missing out on all feelings. Which, in a way, I guess I was. I didn’t come to this realization until this past weekend when I consciously prioritized the time to really get to know what I was feeling. What did I want to feel more of on a daily basis?
It wasn’t until I cleared all the noise and distractions in my environment that I was able to become aware of these feelings. The feelings that drive everything in our lives. After all, the only reason why we do anything in life is for the feelings we want to experience (whether it feels good or not so good). Think about it. What feeling did you get when you purchased your last new car? What feeling do you get when you eat certain foods? What feelings do you get when you hang out with your group of friends? What feelings do you get when you jump out of a plane? Everything we do is to experience a feeling.
I realized that I wanted to feel “good” but what did that really mean?! What did I have to do to feel good? Usually it was always a reliance on others or on external events, but I realized (after removing distractions and getting quiet) that I was living in the past, looking towards the future or expecting something out of my control to give me these good feelings. It was difficult for me to really relish in the present moment and experience what was unfolding right here, right now – especially if it was a feeling that didn’t feel good, such as loneliness or boredom!
These teachings and insights I received this past weekend helped me so much in becoming consciousof what and how I want to feel on a daily basis. Yes, there are going to be moments (probably everyday) that will deter me from feeling the feelings I want to experience; however, now I know that I get to choose how I feel at any given time. Sometimes I may choose to feel sad, but in that moment I can be conscious that I am choosing to feel that way. Its not about denying any feelings, but rather becoming aware of the feelings and then deciding if that’s what I want to experience in that particular moment.
I am the only one in control of this experience we call our life. I encourage you to bringconsciousness into your life and then decide what feelings you want to experience. Come up with a few ways you can make that happen for yourself! Perhaps its putting on your favourite music that triggers joyful thoughts or calling a friend who always makes you laugh (if you want to feel playful). Perhaps its watching your child explore the world (if your looking feel curious or adventurous). Whatever it is, do what works for you and remember… Life is all about feeling.
What do you want to feel?
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With Unconditional Love,

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