How’s Life?

October 7, 2015
What do you say when someone asks you the question: “How’s life?”
We were at a wedding this past weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and catching up with friends and family. When you haven’t seen or spoke with people for a while, its not uncommon to ask questions like “How’s life? Or what’s new?”
So, in the interest in learning about our friend’s and family’s lives, we asked the question: “How’s life? What’s new?” We began to notice a pattern between all the conversations that we were having. And that pattern was this: We would ask: “How’s life? What’s new and exciting?” The common answer was “Not much. Same old, same old.” Or something along those lines. Why was this the answer for so many people?  We can definitely relate to this response. We used to say the same thing until we became conscious of how we were answering. It was our go-to answer time after time.
We began to ponder this question: “How’s life and what’s new and exciting?” And while there maybe nothing new and exciting happening in someone’s life at that given moment, the answer of “Not much. Same old, same old” was interesting to us because it wasn’t necessarily the words, but rather how the words were spoken – shoulders shrugged, monotone voice and little if any eye contact.  Why are we settling for “same old, same old” in life?
Why are we settling for anything less than a life that gives us joy and fulfillment? Or do we have some great things happening and we just don’t want to share them because we think the other person will think we are crazy for doing what we are doing? Perhaps we think that they may not understand or don’t want to hear what we have to say. Whatever your thinking is about it, isn’t it about time to enjoy ourselves and our life; isn’t it time we take the risk and share with people who ask us the question, “How’s life?” After all, if they are asking, obviously they want to hear!
Ask yourself now and BE HONEST! “How’s life? What’s new?”
Listen to the answer that comes. Does the answer feel good or not so good? Is your answer something like: “My life is incredible! I am doing and being everything that I desire.” Or is it something like: “My life sucks; I am miserable.” Both answers are great! The reason the latter is great is because pain moves us. When you are in pain, you are more likely to make a change. This is a good thing.
The worst place to be is in the middle. The “same old, same old” place or the place where things are OK or just good. The place where you have become too comfortable. This place of comfort is what keeps us stuck living a life that brings no growth and no joy. Is this where you are? Be honest. Nothing will change without honesty.
In our continued growth and development, its our experience that the most important part in answering this question (that we will all be asked over and over again) is to get conscious of how we answer. The language you speak at any given moment will dictate your experience in any given moment. If you say to someone that you are living the same old life, then that’s what your experience is going to be… the same old life. But, if you say to someone “I have many exciting projects and ideas in the making, would you like to hear about them?” Then that is what your experience of life is going to be – sharing your exciting projects and ideas! We get to choose! However, we have to be aware first of what we are choosing to speak and therefore choosing to experience.
As I was thinking about this journal entry this morning, I came across a quote by Dr. Steve Maraboliand thought I would share it in hopes to inspire you to create the life you deserve to live.
“No matter what your history has been, your destiny is what you create today. What are you going to create today?”
Now we ask you… How’s life?
Please feel free to share all your exciting news, ideas and creations with us. We love hearing what you’re up to!
With Unconditional Love,


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