“Inaction brings fear and doubt. Taking action brings confidence and courage.” – Tim & Ness

Why would you want to follow your fears? Because they will lead you to the life of your dreams!

Tim & Ness will teach you how to chase your fears down and turn them into fuel for your life. No more excuses! The tools you need to start living your dream life lie in this episode. A step by step process that gets to the root of what’s holding you back so that you can eliminate it once and for all. Lead your fears in the dance of life instead of having them lead you.

Meet Tim & Ness

Tim & Ness SunTim & Ness are lifestyle coaches and entrepreneurs who travel the world inspiring others who want more out of life. They help people to develop the mindset they need to create the lifestyle they want. They believe that life is about believing in yourself, living free from regrets, dreaming big and following your fears. They believe life is about unleashing the ultimate you.

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Show Notes
  • About Tim & Ness. [1:20]
  • Follow Your Fears… [1:50]
  • Follow your fears and become the person you’re meant to be. [3:46]
  • What Tim & Ness are all about. [6:35]
  • The lifestyle of Tim & Ness and how they got there. [7:35]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 1 – What Do You Want and Why? [12:40]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 2 – Identify Your Fears [14:19]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 3 – Chase Your Fears Down [15:42]
  • What fulfills Tim & Ness? [18:52]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 4 – Adopt New Beliefs [19:50]
  • How Tim & Ness busted their beliefs. [23:21]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 5 – How Will Life Be Better? [29:15]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 6 – Take Action NOW! [30:00]
  • Where can you use this? [32:10]
  • It’s not the fear that’s painful… [33:30]
  • Tim & Ness’ Lesson For The World. [35:31]
  • How to get a hold of Tim & Ness. [38:18]

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