“I decided that, in order for me to get better, I needed to take life into my own hands.” – Justin Gauthier

What do you do when you live in constant pain, you’re constantly loosing weight and the doctors are making things worse? Justin shares what he did in this inspiring interview about healing through Juicing and what ended up being the beginning of his life’s purpose.

Unfortunately, most people leave 2 of the most important things in their lives in other people’s hands. Their Money and their Health. Sure, these 2 things aren’t the end all be all but it’s hard to live the life of your dreams without these 2 things. Justin has found a way to stay healthy, make money and live his life’s purpose. The cool thing, it all revolves around Juicing!

Instagram_Vers_mediumMeet Justin Gauthier

Justin started URBAN JUICE PRESS with his partner, Tyler Saikaly, 2 years ago. Justin is originally from Winnipeg and spent most of his childhood growing up in a small town, north of Toronto. He moved to Ottawa after high school to pursue a degree in Science with a major in Human Kinetics.

In 2010, Justin become quite ill and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After being prescribed a cocktail of medications, which further declined his quality of life, he discovered juicing and started to use this as one of his healing tools.

Today, Justin’s business continues to grow along with his underlying passion which is to show how powerful juicing can be.

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Show Notes
  • Meet Justin. [1:10]
  • The worst time of Justin’s life. [2:08]
  • What is Crohn’s Disease and what are the symptoms? [3:30]
  • Medications for Crohn’s Disease and the side effects. [5:40]
  • What do you do when you run out of options? [8:37]
  • The road to the Urban Juice Press. [11:48]
  • How did Justin start juicing, how often did he do it and what did he notice? [13:50]
  • How is Justin doing today with all this Juicing? [15:08]
  • Did Justin go back to the doctors and tell them about Juicing? [16:48]
  • Justin’s habits… Think it involves Juicing? [19:15]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapping. [20:00]
  • Transitioning from Government Worker to Juice Bar Owner. [21:31]
  • How does the Urban Juice Press make money? [22:55]
  • Juice cleanses by the Urban Juice Press. [24:28]
  • Kids and Juicing. [28:33]
  • Justin’s lesson for the World. [29:34]
  • Justin’s Juicing resources and how to get a hold of him. [30:27]


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