wakethewolves-stephaniewong“When the source from which we come, comes from a place of love, we can really teach ourselves to be extremely successful in our finances, our health, our business and our relationships.” – Steph & Graham

Have you heard the story? The story about how we all have a battle going on within us right now. A battle between 2 Wolves. One wolf stands for everything that is evil in this world and the other stands for everything that is good in this world.

Steph and Graham share this story and teach us how we have control over this battle. We get to choose which wolf lives and which wolf dies. Which one will you choose?

Meet Steph & Graham

Stephanie Kanoela Wong & Graham James Jeong are Co-Creators for Wake The Wolves. Steph is the Creative Director for Wellness and Graham is the Creative Director for Life Style. Their mission is to be recklessly fun and bold in bringing healthy-conscious living straight into the fingertips of a diverse people.

Wake The Wolves Links & Resources

wakethewolves-grahamjeongMessages From Wake The Wolves
  • Our new book series is coming this Winter, “SUPERFOODS. SUPERHEROES.” Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (and get a FREE spice guide) on wakethewolves.com for upcoming details. We’re going to break down everything you need to know to build a SUPERFOODS kitchen cafe at home!
  • Our “Kale. All Day. Err Day.” book is still FREE (for a limited time). Download it now and enjoy the recipes, how-to-videos, and most importantly the RHYMES that will make you laugh and look at kale from a whole new perspective.
  • Our signature #HellaHealthy apparel line is taking off! Order all your healthy holiday gifts before they’re gobbled up!


3 Must-Have Tools For The Kitchen

  1. A SHARP KNIFE (chef or santoku): No need to go fancy here and buy a $300 knife. You can find some great ones on Amazon, or even your local discount store (like Ross or Kohl’s) for under $30 that will last years! The basic one you need is either a 6″ or 8″ CHEF knife or a SANTOKU knife. These are great for cutting veggies and so much more!
  2. LARGE CUTTING BOARD: Again, no need to go fancy. If you can buy wood or bamboo, buy that. If not, just focus on getting a surface that’s large enough to handle food prep. You can always upgrade later. Again, Amazon has great deals for under $30!
  3. STORAGE CONTAINERS: This one’s almost a deal breaker. Using ziplocks all the time is not the best solution for your health or the environment. And preparing your food ahead of time, is one of the best weekly investments you can make for your health. Consider these two kinds of storage containers:
    1. a large glass bowl set with lids (the Pyrex brand has a great affordable set) for all of your prepped kale and veggies; and
    2. a set of small glass containers (like the Glasslock brand) for snacks, lunches, and storing away smaller leftover portions. You can purchase each set for under $30 too! A bonus, is having a set of jars and lids around for dressings, dips, nut butters, smoothies, storing nuts, and more!

Show Notes
  • What is Wake The Wolves? [1:54]
  • Good Wolf VS Bad Wolf. Which one wins? [3:15]
  • Tips on feeding the Good Wolf. [6:42]
  • Steph & Graham’s struggles with Wake The Wolves. [9:15]
  • How did Wake The Wolves come into existence? [11:45]
  • TRX… Suspension training? [11:55]
  • Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneurs were asking for Graham’s advice… [15:51]
  • The energy to Wake The Wolves! [18:36]
  • Bare minimum tools for success in the kitchen. [22:08]
  • How $5 in the kitchen will take you far! [23:23]
  • Steph & Graham’s Lesson For The World… And Care Bears… [27:10]
  • How to get in touch with Wake The Wolves. [29:36]


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