Erin Blaskie Portrait“The world is noisy and there are a lot of opinions out there…” – Erin Blaskie

Have you ever accomplished a goal and then asked yourself; “is that all there is?” Better yet, have you ever made it to a point in your life where you thought you would feel “successful” only to realize it wasn’t what you imagined? Erin Blaskie hit the wall this past year and is here to share her story with you.

Erin shares how she worked her butt off to accomplish what she thought would make her feel successful but instead found a deep state of depression. On this episode Erin will share how she made it to the top only to figure out it was actually the bottom and then how she climbed her way out, one baby step at a time.

Meet Erin Blaskie

Erin has helped numerous businesses come online, establish their web presence and create community. Erin’s primary expertise is in creating solid systems and processes for businesses but she also leads clients to leverage the power of the Internet to nurture community, create culture and inspire change.

Erin has worked with companies such as Disney, Travelocity, Microsoft Canada, Ford Canada, Canadian Tire, Alliance Films, TD Bank and many more.

She has also been quoted in five print books, received numerous business awards, has delivered presentations on local, national and International platforms and has been featured in notable media such as the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Huffington Post, and many more.

Erin loves telling stories that get audiences engaged, excited and inspired to take action.

Erin Blaskie’s Links & Resources

Show Notes

  • Meet Erin Blaskie. [1:18]
  • What does Erin Blaskie really do? [2:19]
  • Major Corporations & Movie Stars… How did Erin Blaskie get into this? [3:23]
  • How did Erin Blaskie quit her full time job to follow her passion? [7:32]
  • Do you have to be fearless to take the leap? [11:36]
  • How to follow your dreams even when you have opposition. [14:45]
  • Tips on if the opposition is a loved one who is trying to protect you. [17:55]
  • What makes a good story and the wall that Erin Blaskie hit this year. [20:45]
  • How being open and vulnerable improved Erin Blaskie’s business. [26:16]
  • Define success for YOU… It may just be the key to happiness. [31:02]
  • What do you want? Erin Blaskie shares how she got clear. [33:49]
  • Why we’re so busy and how to open your schedule. [36:55]
  • Erin Blaskie’s World Lesson. [40:47]
  • Feel the fear… And then what to do. [40:57]
  • How to get in touch with Erin Blaskie. [43:38]

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