Sarah Gibbons“Judgement and compassion cannot coexist.” – Sarah Gibbons

This one is for all you Working Mamas out there. If you’re a mom who is feeling, overwhelmed, stressed and lost, this episode is for you. It’s time to take back control and design the life you want to live. It all starts with getting clear on your “non-negotiables” and Sarah Gibbons is here to help.

Sarah, The Conscious Working Mama, will walk you through how she did a “course correct” and is now energized to wake up everyday. Even as a mother of 3 boys, she still has time to grow her business and she loves every minute of it. She knows what she’s after everyday and has developed the tools to keep herself focused.

Meet Sarah Gibbons

Sarah has fifteen years of digital media experience at industry giants including Amazon, MySpace, and RadiumOne. She also straddled motherhood and career responsibilities, all while earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Sarah has created the Conscious Working Mama, a global coaching practice to help other working moms reconnect to themselves, discover their purpose, and experience feeling whole. Her graduate degree combined with her life lessons, assist other working Mamas to find a new path and understand that: Perfection Is Not The Goal – Authenticity And Feeling Whole Is.

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Show Notes

  • Meet Sarah Gibbons. [1:17]
  • What is The Conscious Working Mama? [2:55]
  • How Sarah Gibbons Found Her Passion AND Her Husband. [3:59]
  • How Did Sarah Know Something Was “Off”? [7:46]
  • When Did The Word “Conscious” Start Sinking In? [9:23]
  • The Tipping Point For The Conscious Working Mama. [10:47]
  • Action Steps To Recognize Those Whispers AND Do Something About Them. [12:53]
  • What Success For The Conscious Working Mama Is And How It Promotes Freedom. [16:05]
  • The Most Common Struggles For The Conscious Working Mama. [19:52]
  • Simple Daily Affirmations. [26:38]
  • Why Do Women Value Themselves Less Than Men? [29:08]
  • How To Put A Higher Value To Yourself. [30:16]
  • Sarah’s Lesson For The World. [31:56]
  • How To Get A Hold of Sarah Gibbons, The Conscious Working Mama. [33:12]

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