Danielle Posa“Be patient with the process and don’t expect there to be answers right away.” – Danielle Posa

Leadership starts from the top down. Whether you’re a parent, a coach, a teacher or a CEO, it’s your responsibility to practice what you preach. Leading by example is the best way to teach.

Danielle will share tons of tips on how to become a better leader all while promoting well being at the same time. She’ll also leave you with a ton a resources to help you get started. Whether you like reading books, watching documentaries or attending seminars, there’s something in this episode for you.

Meet Danielle Posa

Danielle Posa is a wellbeing and leadership advisor. Under her consulting business Efileno (One Life spelled backwards), she advises public and private sector decision makers, and their organizations, on the value of maximizing the quality of life (well-being) of the people they influence. Danielle also develops and co-leads courses with Deepak Chopra, is a cancer survivor, public speaker, contributor to the Huffington Post and volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Covenant House

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 Show Notes

  • Meet Danielle Posa. [1:02]
  • EFILENO… Where did it come from? [2:10]
  • Step 1: What is your story? [4:51]
  • Step 2: What are your strengths and unique contribution? [6:39]
  • Step 3: What are your unwavering interests? [7:26]
  • Be patient with the process. [9:28]
  • How Danielle Posa got linked up with Deepak Chopra. [10:58]
  • How is Danielle Posa helping businesses with well being? [14:25]
  • The CEO needs to lead from the soul. [17:08]
  • Does Danielle Posa practice what she preaches? Habits & Routines. [20:44]
  • What is a FitDesk? [27:33]
  • Danielle Posa’s World Lesson. [28:49]
  • Danielle has exciting news and it involves Deepak Chopra! [31:09]
  • The best way to get in touch with Danielle. [34:01]
  • Danielle share’s some amazing resources. [34:33]


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