Arabelle Yee“Ego and intuition is like your devil and angel.” – Arabelle Yee

Arabelle Yee has been interested in entrepreneurship since the young age of 8. Like everything that’s exciting in life, there has been lots of ups and lots of downs.

Arabelle will walk you through what worked for her and what made 2015 such an amazing year. You’ll notice that it had very little to do with what was on the outside and much to do with what was going on inside. Arabelle figured out what she wanted and why she was doing what she was doing.

If you’re not sure how to start 2016, start here! You may just find exactly what you’re looking for to get you started!

Meet Arabelle Yee

Arabelle Yee is an Author, International Speaker and Transformational & Business Coach.
Bringing a decade of experience in working with hundreds of people – coaching, mentoring, delivering workshops and creating results – she now works with women from across the globe helping them build a life and business they love. Arabelle is on a mission to bridge the gap between vision and reality in people’s lives and business.
She is the founder of The Calm Edge, a Business Coaching company for start-up women entrepreneurs and the founder of Collective Alchemy, a plaform where Thought Leaders, Millionaires, Business Leaders & Change Makers come together to inspire and empower us in life and business. She has also recently written a book called Little Business Book: Insider guide to starting a passionate business from scratch.

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 Show Notes

  • Meet Arabelle Yee. [0:58]
  • Where Arabelle’s story began. [1:59]
  • How accidents lead to success and purpose. [4:16]
  • What keeps Arabelle going through the ups and downs and how it can help you? [8:37]
  • What is your medicine? Arabelle shares hers. [10:36]
  • What does Arabelle’s meditation practice look like? [13:54]
  • What made 2015 so great for Arabelle and her Conscious Community helped. [16:08]
  • Arabelle’s plans for 2016… Multidimensional business… [18:53]
  • How a mission and a vision can serve you. [20:24]
  • What patterns around fear does Arabelle see with her clients? [25:03]
  • “What Ifs” VS “Oh Wells” [29:53]
  • Arabelle’s World Lesson. [31:23]
  • Links & Resources. [32:14]


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