Nancy Levin“Admit to yourself what you already know to be true.” – Nancy Levin
As Nancy Levin says; “We’re all hiding some part of ourselves that we think we need to hide in order to be loved and excepted.” Why is that? Why do we think we need to be somebody that we’re not and how can we get out of this pattern? Well, Nancy is here to help us with this.
Nancy has gone through the pain so you may not have to. She lays it all out on the table so that you can learn from her mistakes and bring the lessons into your own life. Nancy even shares tips on how to do what is probably one of the hardest things to do in life… Telling someone you love what is truly on your mind.
As a bonus, be sure to listen right to the end because Nancy will share how you can get FREE group coaching! That’s not a typo. She’ll share how you can get in on these calls and get help with whatever is holding you back!

Meet Nancy Levin

Nancy Levin is the bestselling author of Jump… And Your Life Will AppearWriting For My Life, and the forthcoming Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth. She’s a Certified Master Integrative Life Coach and the creator of the Jump Coaching and Worthy Coaching Programs, working with clients – privately and in groups – to live in alignment with their own truth and desires. She was the Event Director at Hay House for 12 years and hosts her own weekly call-in show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio. Nancy received her Masters in Creative Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and she continues to live in the Rocky Mountains.

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 Show Notes

  • Meet Nancy Levin. [0:31]
  • Nancy’s major life crisis. [1:33]
  • How an event at 2 years old affected Nancy’s life. [3:38]
  • We need the lows in order to experience the highs. [6:22]
  • Why do we hide parts of ourselves? [7:36]
  • How “Jump… And Your Life Will Appear” came into existence. [9:16]
  • How to say what’s really on your mind. [11:04]
  • The power of visualization. [14:28]
  • How writing has served Nancy Levin. [15:26]
  • How to start your day off on the right foot… Even if you’re a parent. [19:35]
  • Say YES! But remember you have to say NO sometimes. [22:56]
  • Your challenge for the day. [26:56]
  • From not meditating to absolute silence for 10 days. [25:56]
  • Nancy Levin’s World Lesson. [30:30]
  • How to get in touch with Nancy Levin plus FREE coaching. [31:22]


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