ITs Ok Project - Valerie Whissell
“The fear will show up everyday, like an appointment.” – Valerie Whissell of The ITs Ok Project
This is a special episode that we think you’re really going to like. We don’t promote ourselves as coaches, however, we had a friend reach out to us who really wanted to have a conversation. We obviously wanted to do what we could to help her out so we set something up.
The cool part is that we recorded the conversation and, because she has such a big heart and wants to serve people in any way she can, she was more than happy to allow us to share this very intimate conversation with you.
Valerie Whissell is the founder of The ITs Ok Project. The ITs Ok Project is about sharing and spreading the ITs Ok vibe in this world because… well… ITs Ok! But sometimes ITs not Ok… That’s what she wants to talk about.
Enjoy this conversation that covers everything from overcoming fear (and whether or not it’s possible) to finding balance in your life (or whether or not there is such thing) to trusting your intuition. This conversation covers a lot to say the least…

Why The ITs Ok Project?

The ITs Ok journey all started a few years ago as Valerie was struggling with depression. During that period when she was having a rough time getting through the day, she would write ITs Ok on her arm to keep herself focused on a positive state of mind. Along her way to recovery, these two words never left her. Today, she is more than grateful of where life has brought her and she feels the need to spread the ITs Ok vibe around, hoping it might help others as much as it helped her!

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 Show Notes

  • Speak your truth and break your fear of public speaking. [2:25]
  • Whatever we say or do is exactly what needed to be said or done… [5:29]
  • How to prepare for speaking and dancing with the fear. [9:07]
  • How Valerie overcame her fear and took the plunge to spread the IT’s Ok vibe in Europe. [13:19]
  • How is Valerie getting in touch with her intuition? [16:47]
  • Why are we always trying to balance? [18:11]
  • It’s so hard to eat healthy and travel… [21:35]
  • The people around you may not like that you’re changing… [24:46]
  • Timing is everything and life is amazing. [26:49]
  • Who am I to be doing what I do? [28:20]
  • Everybody is teaching everybody. [32:35]
  • How will you know it’s a high if you don’t know what a low is? [34:37]
  • New experiences = new emotions. [40:21]
  • As cheesy as this sounds, just be yourself. [44:04]
  • Speaking before Deepak Chopra. [45:43]

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