JudgementWhen someone judges us, why do we hold onto it for so long? Why do people judge in the first place? Actually, what is a judgement?
A judgement is essentially a survival mechanism that we, as human beings, need in order to navigate our world. Based on the fact that we all have different experiences, this means that we all have different judgements. Knowing that, it would be safe to say that a judgement is just a rule that we have created for our life.
The thing about these rules that we create for our lives is that they are normally unspoken and are unconscious. We use these rules to navigate and live in our world. Problems arise, however, when our rules causes us pain and suffering.
So how do we deal with all these judgements (or rules) that seem to be coming at us from all angles? How do we make sure that we stay true to ourselves and do what we know to be true for us? That is exactly what we discuss during this weeks episode!
Since we just returned from Florida after being away for 3 months, we’ve had to deal with our fair share of judgements being thrown our way. The 3 steps that are shared in this episode are the steps we practice ourselves and continue to do everyday in order to overcome these judgements.
Be sure to let us know how these steps work for you. We would love to hear your success stories! Post them in the comments below.

 Show Notes

  • Everybody deals with this on a regular basis. [1:19]
  • What is a judgement? [3:49]
  • Who’s belief is right? [6:52]
  • Stop judging yourself! [8:49]
  • Step 1: Challenge the Judgement! [9:24]
  • Step 2: Recognize the Truth! [12:14]
  • Step 3: Surrender to the Reality. [16:23]
  • Recap. [21:37]


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