Alok Appadurai Headshot Square“Failure does not kill you.” – Alok Appadurai

If you wear clothing, you need to listen to this episode.

Whether you realize it or not, the fashion industry is a huge part of our lives. Every time we purchase clothing (or anything for that matter), we’re making a vote for what we want more of. If you purchase clothing made by cheap labour and full of chemicals then more clothing made by cheap labour and full of chemicals will be produced.

Not only will Alok and his journey with Fed By Threads educate you on the fashion industry, it will also inspire you to take action on your dream. That dream that you have kept tucked away or that dream that seems unattainable. That dream that lights you up and gives you goose bumps. That dream that wakes you up in the middle of the night or steels your attention in the middle of the day.

Remember, every journey starts somewhere and, as Martin Luther King Jr. so wisely said; “You don’t have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step.” That first step is always the toughest but can also be the most rewarding. Do not underestimate the power of your actions and how powerful those first baby steps can be.

This episode is a real eye opener. Our intent is to give you information and knowledge and you do what you will with it! Once we know something, it becomes difficult to ignore.

Meet Alok Appadurai

(uh-loke uh-pod-er-eye)

Alok Appadurai is Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Integrity Officer at Fed By Threads, the first multi-brand American-made Sustainable Sweatshop-Free Clothing Store & Custom Print Service that feeds meals to Americans in need from each garment sold. He is vegan, loves small houses, riding bicycles, being kind to animals, and is a proud dad. Alok lives a compassionate lifestyle striving to simply walk the good walk.

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 Show Notes

  • Meet Alok Appadurai. [1:29]
  • Where do our clothes come from and why are they so cheap? [2:36]
  • What is “Fast Fashion”? [5:37]
  • How Alok Appadurai and Feb By Threads are changing the fashion industry? [7:03]
  • Are you just complaining and blaming or are you doing something about it? [11:02]
  • Do you LOVE the clothing in your closet? [16:53]
  • The biggest failure that Alok Appadurai had and what he did to get through it. [19:30]
  • With if… What if you actually went after your dreams? [22:36]
  • What is REALLY happening in the fashion industry with regards to labour? [27:37]
  • What about the materials in fashion? [33:37]
  • Is the fashion industry warping your sense of self? [37:06]
  • Do not underestimate the power of yourself and your actions. [38:59]
  • Alok’s World Lesson. [43:14]
  • What about thrift stores? [43:56]
  • How to get a hold of Alok. [45:53]



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