Drew Dudley - 165 (2)Drew Dudley is here to show what’s possible when you DECIDE to become a leader. He has delivered so much value that we had to split it into 2 parts!

What do you think life is? Is it a game? Is it a party? Is it work? Is it a journey? Is it hard? One thing is for sure, your life will reflect whatever you think it is. Think about this for a minute… Do you know anybody who thinks life is a party? How do they live life? How about someone who thinks life is hard? How do they live? The language we use is so powerful! Not just the language we speak out loud but also the language we use in our own minds at every moment of every day.

Do you want to become a leader? I would venture to say that you already are and you may not even know it… Drew Dudley is here to help us wake up to our leadership skills.

Meet Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley is the former coordinator of one of the largest university leadership development programs in Canada and is the former National Chair of Canada’s largest fundraiser for post-secondary students. Drew also founded Nuance Leadership where he works with organizations around the world to empower people to increase their leadership capacity.

Drew has spoken to over 250,000 people on 5 continents, been featured on The Huffington PostForbes.com, and TED.com, where his “TED talk” has been voted “one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time”.

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Show Notes

  • Meet Drew Dudley. [1:35]
  • The definition of a leader. [3:15]
  • You CAN become a leader and become indispensable. [5:06]/li>
  • Change your language, change your life. [11:23]
  • Does school limit us? [17:07]
  • How do you know if you have delivered value? [27:29]

Leading With Lollipops

The Game Has No Winners

The Leadership Game



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