Gabrielle Brick Family ShotGabrielle Brick says it just right, “Life is messy. We’re not messy. Life is messy.”

When we understand and fully embody this principle, we can be free of perfection and the need to control everything. What do we really have control over anyways? Other than ourselves and how we choose to act or react, is there anything else that we can control? When we really think of this question, we’ll realize that there is nothing else that we have control over. And with that comes freedom!

This is one of the reasons Gabrielle Brick has been able to build her business and raise twin boys as a single mom at the same time. She understands that everyday is going to be different and embraces the adventure that comes with the uncertainty of life. Join us as Gabrielle shares her journey of how she arrived where she is today and what she continues to move towards.

Meet Gabrielle Brick

Gabrielle is a Raw Nutritionist, Transformational and Executive Coach. She has 20 years of experience in coaching people to their optimal state of well being having started out as a professionally trained dancer for 25 years and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Fitness Association. After healing her own chronic health issues, depression, and addictive patterns, Gabrielle went on to help many heal from their own chronic health and emotional challenges. Her ability to help people overcome and transform their lives is derived from her ability to help people re-discover their authentic self by leading them on a journey through holistic nutrition and radical self love.

Gabrielle is an Ambassador at the Body Mind Institute, with David Wolfe, and has founded the program, Prosperity of Wellbeing™. She has studied with Masters in the fields of Nutrition, Longevity, Superfoods, Herbalism, Medical Qi Gong, Psychology, NLP, Life Coaching and Landmark. She has been asked by various institutes to create nutrition programs, and has lead seminars across the United States and Canada. Gabrielle’s highly acclaimed program, The Alchemy of Self™ has changed the lives of many people. Gabrielle, considered a Celebrity in her field, has been featured as an expert on National Television with shows on E! TV and WE TV.  She also created two organic, raw, vegan, health food lines, The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar and Sun & Moon Organics Superfood Mixes, that are sold online and in Whole Foods Markets. As an Executive Coach, Gabrielle has also founded the comprehensive program for entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners through her ‘Global Network of Eco Conscious Shoppers & Entrepreneurs’, Healthy Product Hub™ Product Launch Program, that offers a complete step-by-step guide on how to launch a healthy food and or eco green product into the market place. She is also a proud mother of twin boys living in the NY countryside with her sons and rescued kitties. In her free time Gabrielle volunteers for a non-profit rescue organization, CATS. Gabrielle has a private practice offering her coaching programs via Skype, globally as well as in person for VIP Mentorships.

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 Show Notes

  • Meet Gabrielle Brick. [1:33]
  • The moment that started it all. [2:24]
  • Life & struggles before the drastic change. [8:19]
  • Gabrielle Brick creates her own reality. [10:21]
  • Life is messy… [12:50]
  • Your schedule will change as your life changes. [15:38]
  • Colouring may be what you need… [20:25]
  • Why does Gabrielle send her boys to Waldorf? [21:07]
  • How to get twin 5 year boys to eat healthy. [25:02]
  • What to do when your children want “unhealthy” options. [29:30]
  • The first time Gabrielle shares this publicly… [35:56]
  • One Life. One Love. One Chocolate Bar. [38:43]
  • Gabrielle Brick’s World Lesson. [43:13]
  • How to get a hold of Gabrielle Brick. [43:38]


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