Natasha Is Going Solo!?

May 12, 2016

It’s true! You did not read the title wrong…

I have a deep passion for having authentic conversations with people who have and are wanting to become conscious of their life. I love having meaningful discussions around what is possible and how to see life as working for us rather than against us. Shining light on love and compassion rather than fear and hatred is what I was created for!

I am dedicated to continuing to live my passion and bringing forth to you inspiration and empowerment. I look forward to growing, learning and teaching with you!

So what happened to Casey?!

Casey has a deep passion for making the world a better place by building to a higher standard that ultimately helps the earth and our health; he sees a problem that needs to be solved in the way we build our homes and at this time, he feels called to follow that endeavour. Although, he loves having conversations with authentic, game-changing people, he knows that his heart and skill set can be best used by serving the building industry.

If you’re interested in following what Casey is up to, you can check out the links below. He and his team have a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe so be sure to check in regularly or sign up to their email list to be in the know.

The Conscious Builder
The Conscious Store

Just Like Life…

We are always evolving and changing. We are looking forward to continuing to live on purpose and with purpose and support you in doing the same! Stay tuned as I’m working on some cool stuff for you that I know you’re going to love!

With love,

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