Sofo Archon HeadshotHave you ever tried to fit into a group even though you knew you were compromising your values? Or how about feeling like what you have to offer to the world isn’t significant enough, big enough, or impactful enough? Or better yet, feeling like you don’t even have anything unique to offer the world?!

Sofo Archon takes us there and shares his insights, struggles and triumphs toward living his authentic, creative truth. He shows us how we can do the same and even if we think we don’t have anything special to add to the world, Sofo reminds us that that simply isn’t true.

In this episode, we also chat a lot about creativity and what that means. We also dive into what suffering is and how separation from self and others is usually the root cause of it.

Meet Sofo Archon

Sofo Archon is the creator of The Unbounded Spirit, a personal blog through which he is sharing part of his being with millions of readers from every corner of our planet. Created in 2012 out of his thirst to reach out to the world, it has helped form a solid online community of over 300,000 like-minded individuals.

Sofo’s writings touch on a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, and religion, but all of them, though different in topic, share something in common: they point to a better way of living.

Apart from writing, Sofo loves painting, reading, eating delicious vegan food, going for long walks, travelling and meeting awesome people from across the globe.

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