Mridu Parikh

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? Drowning in paperwork, schedules, home projects, managing all the lists and keeping track of what to do? Do you feel like once you get through one task, ten other tasks have already piled up and you feel like there’s no end in sight? Mridu Parikh is here to help!

Mridu is an expert in simplifying life. She shares what is getting in our way of being organized, how we can begin to take small steps that are sustainable to declutter our space, how to prevent clutter from building up in the first place, how to purge sentimental pieces that we are attached to, how to manage our time and so much more.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated and with all her helpful tips, ideas and solutions, we can free up space and time in our lives to do more of what we love!

Meet Mridu Parikh

Mridu Parikh is a speaker, blogger and simplicity coach for women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Her humorous and step-by-step approach to “real-life organization” earned her one of the Top 20 Home Office Organizing Experts and one of Nashville’s Emerging Business Leaders in 2015.

Mridu is the creator of motivational training programs that inspire a global community to live happily – by simplifying their space and leaving perfectionism at the door.

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