Robbie Vorhaus 2Robbie Vorhaus’ path is very inspiring and also sounds very common (at least the first part of his story). On the outside, Robbie’s life appeared ideal: a New York City Park Avenue apartment, a home in the Hamptons, two adoring children in world-class private schools, and a thriving PR agency representing world leaders, celebrities, sports stars, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. Privately, though, his life was falling apart.

A marriage in trouble, jeopardized health, and financial pressures culminated on vacation when his family asked: “Dad, are you really happy?” Realizing he was in peril of losing everything he held dear, Robbie courageously followed the advice he had given clients for decades: Follow your heart. Choose to be happy. Consciously make everything better than you found it.

The result: Robbie closed his agency, moved his family to their small Sag Harbor home, started a leadership and crisis consultancy, and began anew.

Now transformed, healthy, happy, and celebrating a marriage of more than 25 years, Robbie shares how he overcame his struggle and how you can to! Robbie has a very interesting perspective on how we can begin slowly (sustainably) to change our behaviour toward living a more fulfilled life – One less. One more.

Meet Robbie Vorhaus

Robbie Vorhaus is widely recognized as one of the top three leadership, communications, reputation and crisis experts and advisors in the world. Vorhaus is the best-selling author of the critically acclaimed, transformational book, One Less. One More. Follow Your Heart. Be Happy. Change Slowly. (Storytelling, Inc., 2014) Robbie Vorhaus is also a frequent media contributor, public speaker and teacher on authenticity and the clarity of purpose and vision.

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