Ellie Knaus and DaughterAre you a mom who questions your abilities, decisions, and actions as a parent? Welcome to parenting!

We all have our fair share of struggles, expectations, and unconscious beliefs about ourselves, but there is nothing more raw then when our children bring all this up for us. In those (usually very painful) moments we can either acknowledge it and take responsibility or we can continue to create an unconscious environment for our children.

This weeks’ episode is all about mommy life! Ellie Knaus and I discuss the messiness, the beauty, the challenges and the blessings that all come with raising the next generation in these modern times.

This episode is filled with humour and reassurance that we are all doing the best we can at any given time and that is enough! Leave your high expectations of being able to do it all at the door, ladies.

Meet Ellie Knaus

Ellie Knaus is the mom-in-chief of the top-rated Atomic Moms, a modern parenting podcast about the joys and complexities of caring for our little ones and ourselves. Ellie celebrates and commiserates with New York Times best-selling authors, leading parenting experts, celebrities, and caregivers all over the world in order to share powerful insights in this universal experience of raising a child.

Since debuting on the “New & Noteworthy” list in 2014, iTunes continues to feature Atomic Moms in its “What’s Hot: Kids & Family” recommendations. The podcast has also been featured in L.A. Parent magazine (July 2016), Inspired By ThisCricket’s Circle BlogBabbleHuffington Postand MomtasticRecent podcast topics include: the messiness of motherhood, working mom guilt, separation anxiety, birthing choices, adoption, and conscious parenting.

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