JB Glossinger 2From black eyes to near bankruptcy, this week’s guest, JB Glossinger hasn’t always had it easy. He joins us today to share his story of lessons learned and victories celebrated.

JB knew the importance of morning routines and out of desperation to have morning motivation himself, he decided to create the Morning Coach which is an audio blog that has since evolved to become the worlds first personal evolution system and one of the largest personal development communities on the web. His main mission is to bring positive energy, peace & prosperity to the world, one person at a time.

In this episode, JB and I discuss how to use our individual life story in order to live out our full expression of our core essence.  We explore how to become aware of the values and beliefs we have about ourselves and to make sure they are aligned with how we live our lives.

Meet JB Glossinger

JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D., is a self-described “archaeologist of life,” who has studied human potential, performance, and happiness for over 40 years. He is widely beloved as the Morning Coach, with a daily podcast that has been downloaded 17 million times over the past seven years. He has authored life changing books – The Sacred 6 and Get Out of Neutral. He is a sought-after motivational speaker and coach with an international following. JB is also a Mastermind group leader and a contributing writer for The Business Journals, a 43-paper network. He holds advanced degrees in business and metaphysics but credits his street education–from black eyes to near bankruptcy–with providing the life-changing lessons that inspired the keys to personal transformation he shares with audiences, coaching clients, and readers worldwide.

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