Marni Headshot“Passion is an evolution.” – Marni Wasserman

You’ll never find your passion unless you’re willing to put yourself out there. You need to put yourself in situations that empower you, surround yourself with people that inspire you and create habits that propel you!

This is exactly what Marni Wasserman has done and continues to do. Marni has followed the path to her passion and has turned it into her career. She’s done what she’s needed to do to make it happen and is loving every minute of it. In this episode, Marni shares all sorts of tips and tools that will help you get started or keep you going along your journey. She’ll also make sure you’re set up properly in your kitchen so that you can have all the energy you need for your life trek.

Meet Marni Wasserman

Marni Wasserman EyesSimply said, Marni Wasserman’s life is rooted in healthy eating. Culinary Nutritionist, Health Strategist, Co-Host of The Ultimate Health Podcast and founder of Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop located in midtown Toronto. Here, she teaches her signature cooking classes, and offers collaborative workshops and urban retreats. She is also the Author of Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies.

She has has made several media appearances on Breakfast Television, Global News, CBC, CHCH and Newstalk 1010 and has articles in the National Post, Toronto Star, Huffington Post and Chatelaine Magazine. Marni uses passion and experience to educate individuals on how to adopt a realistic plant-based diet that is both simple and delicious.

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Show Notes

  • Meet Marni Wasserman. [1:03]
  • Marni Wasserman’s journey to her Passion. [2:06]
  • How Marni Wasserman saw and filled a need in the marketplace. [5:27]
  • How to find your passion and what fulfills you. [7:47]
  • Get out of your head! [10:42]
  • Marni Wasserman’s business struggles. [11:58]
  • How to get through the tough times in business. [15:47]
  • Marni Wasserman’s daily menu. [17:36]
  • Elixirs? [19:34]
  • Marni Wasserman’s “staples” for her kitchen [20:07]
  • Kitchen Tools and how to cook properly. [21:11]
  • How to get protein on a plant based diet. [23:29]
  • Marni Wasserman’s habits that keep her going. [25:29]
  • The 5 Minute Journal. [26:38]
  • How to get a hold of Marni Wasserman. [30:53]

“I decided that, in order for me to get better, I needed to take life into my own hands.” – Justin Gauthier

What do you do when you live in constant pain, you’re constantly loosing weight and the doctors are making things worse? Justin shares what he did in this inspiring interview about healing through Juicing and what ended up being the beginning of his life’s purpose.

Unfortunately, most people leave 2 of the most important things in their lives in other people’s hands. Their Money and their Health. Sure, these 2 things aren’t the end all be all but it’s hard to live the life of your dreams without these 2 things. Justin has found a way to stay healthy, make money and live his life’s purpose. The cool thing, it all revolves around Juicing!

Instagram_Vers_mediumMeet Justin Gauthier

Justin started URBAN JUICE PRESS with his partner, Tyler Saikaly, 2 years ago. Justin is originally from Winnipeg and spent most of his childhood growing up in a small town, north of Toronto. He moved to Ottawa after high school to pursue a degree in Science with a major in Human Kinetics.

In 2010, Justin become quite ill and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After being prescribed a cocktail of medications, which further declined his quality of life, he discovered juicing and started to use this as one of his healing tools.

Today, Justin’s business continues to grow along with his underlying passion which is to show how powerful juicing can be.

Urban Juice Press Links & Resources

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Show Notes
  • Meet Justin. [1:10]
  • The worst time of Justin’s life. [2:08]
  • What is Crohn’s Disease and what are the symptoms? [3:30]
  • Medications for Crohn’s Disease and the side effects. [5:40]
  • What do you do when you run out of options? [8:37]
  • The road to the Urban Juice Press. [11:48]
  • How did Justin start juicing, how often did he do it and what did he notice? [13:50]
  • How is Justin doing today with all this Juicing? [15:08]
  • Did Justin go back to the doctors and tell them about Juicing? [16:48]
  • Justin’s habits… Think it involves Juicing? [19:15]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapping. [20:00]
  • Transitioning from Government Worker to Juice Bar Owner. [21:31]
  • How does the Urban Juice Press make money? [22:55]
  • Juice cleanses by the Urban Juice Press. [24:28]
  • Kids and Juicing. [28:33]
  • Justin’s lesson for the World. [29:34]
  • Justin’s Juicing resources and how to get a hold of him. [30:27]


wakethewolves-stephaniewong“When the source from which we come, comes from a place of love, we can really teach ourselves to be extremely successful in our finances, our health, our business and our relationships.” – Steph & Graham

Have you heard the story? The story about how we all have a battle going on within us right now. A battle between 2 Wolves. One wolf stands for everything that is evil in this world and the other stands for everything that is good in this world.

Steph and Graham share this story and teach us how we have control over this battle. We get to choose which wolf lives and which wolf dies. Which one will you choose?

Meet Steph & Graham

Stephanie Kanoela Wong & Graham James Jeong are Co-Creators for Wake The Wolves. Steph is the Creative Director for Wellness and Graham is the Creative Director for Life Style. Their mission is to be recklessly fun and bold in bringing healthy-conscious living straight into the fingertips of a diverse people.

Wake The Wolves Links & Resources

wakethewolves-grahamjeongMessages From Wake The Wolves
  • Our new book series is coming this Winter, “SUPERFOODS. SUPERHEROES.” Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (and get a FREE spice guide) on for upcoming details. We’re going to break down everything you need to know to build a SUPERFOODS kitchen cafe at home!
  • Our “Kale. All Day. Err Day.” book is still FREE (for a limited time). Download it now and enjoy the recipes, how-to-videos, and most importantly the RHYMES that will make you laugh and look at kale from a whole new perspective.
  • Our signature #HellaHealthy apparel line is taking off! Order all your healthy holiday gifts before they’re gobbled up!


3 Must-Have Tools For The Kitchen

  1. A SHARP KNIFE (chef or santoku): No need to go fancy here and buy a $300 knife. You can find some great ones on Amazon, or even your local discount store (like Ross or Kohl’s) for under $30 that will last years! The basic one you need is either a 6″ or 8″ CHEF knife or a SANTOKU knife. These are great for cutting veggies and so much more!
  2. LARGE CUTTING BOARD: Again, no need to go fancy. If you can buy wood or bamboo, buy that. If not, just focus on getting a surface that’s large enough to handle food prep. You can always upgrade later. Again, Amazon has great deals for under $30!
  3. STORAGE CONTAINERS: This one’s almost a deal breaker. Using ziplocks all the time is not the best solution for your health or the environment. And preparing your food ahead of time, is one of the best weekly investments you can make for your health. Consider these two kinds of storage containers:
    1. a large glass bowl set with lids (the Pyrex brand has a great affordable set) for all of your prepped kale and veggies; and
    2. a set of small glass containers (like the Glasslock brand) for snacks, lunches, and storing away smaller leftover portions. You can purchase each set for under $30 too! A bonus, is having a set of jars and lids around for dressings, dips, nut butters, smoothies, storing nuts, and more!

Show Notes
  • What is Wake The Wolves? [1:54]
  • Good Wolf VS Bad Wolf. Which one wins? [3:15]
  • Tips on feeding the Good Wolf. [6:42]
  • Steph & Graham’s struggles with Wake The Wolves. [9:15]
  • How did Wake The Wolves come into existence? [11:45]
  • TRX… Suspension training? [11:55]
  • Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneurs were asking for Graham’s advice… [15:51]
  • The energy to Wake The Wolves! [18:36]
  • Bare minimum tools for success in the kitchen. [22:08]
  • How $5 in the kitchen will take you far! [23:23]
  • Steph & Graham’s Lesson For The World… And Care Bears… [27:10]
  • How to get in touch with Wake The Wolves. [29:36]


About_Jon_photo“Our head is always hoodwinking us out of the real experiences that we crave in life.” – Jon Gabriel

Diets don’t work! What’s the first 3 letters of the word diet? D-I-E… You feel like you want to die every time you diet. No wonder they don’t work. Who wants to put themselves through pain? It’s never sustainable unless it’s enjoyable.

The Gabriel Method is all about a mind-body approach to loosing weight and being healthy. Eat what you want, however much you want, when you want. Sound too good to be true? Well you better take a listen to find out for yourself. This podcast episode will have you living the life you desire. You deserve to give this to yourself.

Meet Jon Gabriel

Jon has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. While there, he also pursued extensive coursework in biochemistry and performed research for the internationally recognized biochemist Dr. Jose Rabinowitz.
jon_2001_photoIn 2001, Jon weighed 409 pounds. He’d tried almost every popular diet available without success. Overweight, overworked, and unhappy, Jon was ready to give up. Then on September 11, 2001, Jon received a wake-up call. He was scheduled to fly from Newark to San Francisco that day, and it was only by chance that he was not on United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. This made Jon realize that life was a precious opportunity not to be wasted.
Jon also realized that his weight would eventually kill him, so he decided to do something about it. Over the next two and a half years, Jon lost more than 200 pounds without dieting, pills, or surgery. He also stopped feeling stressed and overworked and started living the life of his dreams. His book, The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body, is an international best seller, translated into 14 languages, with over 350,000 readers worldwide.

The Gabriel Method Links & Resources

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Show Notes
  • Meet Jon Gabriel. [1:02]
  • How did Jon get to 409lbs? [2:31]
  • What does Dr. Atkins do when his “diet” doesn’t work? [4:50]
  • The list of things that didn’t work. [5:21]
  • The turning point… Your body wants to be fat… [7:00]
  • The decision that changed everything. [8:09]
  • Don’t stress out… You might get fat. [9:05]
  • Your head may be what’s holding you back. [10:23]
  • Eating junk food and loosing weight? [11:42]
  • What was Jon’s routine? [13:19]
  • The power of meditation and visualization. [14:38]
  • The premise of The Gabriel Method. [15:17]
  • Dieting doesn’t work! [16:20]
  • Cravings that serve you. [17:35]
  • Meditation. The world’s greatest experience. [18:32]
  • Follow the voice… [20:45]
  • Baby steps from the creator of The Gabriel Method. [25:58]
  • Turmeric Latté? [32:07]
  • Jon’s Lesson For The World. [33:39]
  • How to get a hold of Jon and the Gabriel Method. [34:27]


The Experience Genie“When we get knocked down we have 2 choices. We can stay down or we can get back up.” – Josh Dawson

No matter how crazy your idea is, you need to act on it! If it feels right and will serve the world, it’s your duty to act on it. Josh will share tips on how you can learn to follow your intuition, even if your intuition is telling you to dress up as a Genie and grant wishes…

We all have those ideas. Ideas that we know we need to act on but also make us look “crazy”. So what do you do, follow your intuition and do what you know is right or do what everybody else thinks is right? It’s up to you. Create your life or let life create you.

Meet Josh

Genie, Dad, Lover of Life.

Josh received his Bachelor of Commerce in International Marketing in 1998 and sold his first business to Canada’s largest travel company at age 30. Throughout his career, Josh has travelled the world extensively living in Canada, America, Australia, Ireland and England. Although avoiding the use of traditional labels, Josh has amassed a diverse, unconventional (and certainly odd) roster: TEDx presenter, writer, entrepreneur, stock trader, marketer, Thai scuba diver, race car driver, fighter jet pilot, and principle investment advisor.

Now, as a real-life Genie, he spends most his days on the road granting wishes. A gypsy by nature, this fun-loving Genie is on a mission – to celebrate life with light, one wish at a time.

Josh’s Links & Resources

 Other Show Links & Resources

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Show Notes
  • Meet Josh Dawson. [0:28]
  • How Josh developed this amazingly diverse bio. [1:32]
  • How to trust your gut. [2:27]
  • Who or what is The Genie? [3:58]
  • What do you do when you get knocked down? [7:18]
  • Where most of our help comes from. [8:08]
  • Just because it’s a crazy idea doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do. [8:34]
  • How to make your dreams come true… Even if you have kids. [12:10]
  • Step 2 to making your dreams a reality. [14:07]
  • Josh’s long term dream. [14:49]
  • Is your dream your reason for existence? [15:27]
  • What keeps The Genie alive? [17:08]
  • Where can you find The Genie? [19:31]
  • What if my wishes aren’t coming true? [21:02]
  • Habits that contribute to Josh’s success and overall fulfilment. [23:13]
  • 2 easy things you can do to improve your life. [24:05]
  • A new trick that Josh finds has really been helping him. [26:07]
  • Josh’s lesson for the World. [26:49]
  • How to follow your heart. [27:48]
  • Resources and how to contact The Genie. [31:32]


Adria Head Shot“You CAN make a difference by doing your part in your corner of the world.” – Adria Vasil

This episode is longer than usual but is jammed packed with a ton of information that will get you well on your way to living an Ecoholic life. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or have been doing it for a long time, there’s something for you.

Adria will share things that will help you live a healthier life and also save you money. More importantly, she will tell you what you need to avoid all together. Anybody who cares about their health and the health of their children must listen to this episode. It may just save your life…

Meet Adria

Adria (pronounced uh-drEE-uh) is an Environmental Author and Journalist who has also written four books:

  1. Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products, and Services
  2. Ecoholic: US Edition
  3. Ecoholic Home: The Greenest, Cleanest and Most Energy-Efficient Information Under One (Canadian) Roof by Adria Vasil
  4. Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Guide to Living Healthy and Looking Good by Adria Vasil
Adria also writes a weekly column in Toronto’s NOW Magazine that’s called Ecoholic, which is an eye-opening guide to all of life’s greenest predicaments.

Adria’s Links & Resources

Recommended Products

Other Show Links & Resources

Show Notes
  • An intro to Adria Vasil. [0:36]
  • How Adria got into the Ecoholic line of work. [2:19]
  • Why Adria loves writing Ecoholic. [6:11]
  • If not you, then who? [7:24]
  • You CAN make a difference by working in your corner of the world. [9:55]
  • How massive change happens. [11:37]
  • Why being an optimism is a MUST. [12:03]
  • The Ecoholic Body. [13:31]
  • Triclosan… What it is and why you need to avoid it. [15:15]
  • The “Mean 15” ingredients to avoid. [16:27]
  • Adria’s favourite natural toothpastes. [17:29]
  • Natural deodorants that work! [18:33]
  • Don’t waste your money on products that don’t work. [20:38]
  • For your Baby: What products to use and what ingredients to avoid. [21:38]
  • Adria’s take on Petroleum Jelly. [23:27]
  • One product. 1000 uses… [25:13]
  • Fragrance. It smells good. But is it good? [26:38]
  • What’s the point of all the “filler” ingredients? [27:45]
  • You’re voting every time you purchase something… Make your vote count! [28:14]
  • The best moisturizer in the world. [30:25]
  • How to communicate with corporations. [32:37]
  • Adria’s lesson for the World. [33:18]
  • An exercise in mindfulness. How are you impacting the world? [34:21]
  • Adria struggles just like the rest of us. [37:14]
  • The easiest way to start living the Ecoholic way. [39:35]
  • The best way to get in touch with Adria. [45:29]


Naked Label Book“Give yourself permission.” – Briana Santoro

Do you read the labels on the back of the food you eat? Are the ingredients made in a plant or do they come from a plant? Recognizing this may just change your life forever.

Briana will share how she’s turned her passion into her career. Tips and tricks that you can start implementing today. Get out of the rut and start creating your dream life now because now is the best time you will ever have.

Meet Briana

Briana is the author of the #1 Best Selling cookbook on Amazon Get Naked in the Kitchen: Healthy Recipes That Are Proud to Bare It All.

She is a leading health and wellness speaker and is the founder and Chief Product Undresser at The Naked Label, a tell-it-like-it-is website that undresses the food we eat to see what it’s really made of, and to determine if it looks as good naked as its marketing messages claim. Briana received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Wilfrid Laurier University and her Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she now teaches the marketing courses.

She is also a proud new mommy and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

The Naked Label Links & Resources

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Show Notes
  • What is The Naked Label? [1:59]
  • How did Briana get to where she is now? [3:14]
  • Why did Briana start this? [3:54]
  • When did Briana start this? [4:08]
  • 3 of the best decisions Briana has made for her life. [5:28]
  • What you may need to do in order to have the life you want. [8:40]
  • 2 Actionable Steps to Living the Life Your Desire. [9:57]
  • What is most important to Briana and Steve? What they base their decisions on. [10:26]
  • Briana’s pillars for her habits. [13:15]
  • How did Briana get clear on what she wanted for her live? [14:42]
  • Briana’s thoughts on struggles. [17:15]
  • Briana’s struggles. [18:22]
  • How does Briana take care of herself? [21:17]
  • Briana’s weekly & daily habits. [24.09]
  • If Briana was a teacher and the world was her classroom, the title of her lesson would be… [27:51]
  • What life is really about. [28:24]
  • What Briana wants you to do. [30:32]
  • Resources. [31:33]
  • Best way to get a hold of Briana [32:23]