Adria Head Shot“You CAN make a difference by doing your part in your corner of the world.” – Adria Vasil

This episode is longer than usual but is jammed packed with a ton of information that will get you well on your way to living an Ecoholic life. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or have been doing it for a long time, there’s something for you.

Adria will share things that will help you live a healthier life and also save you money. More importantly, she will tell you what you need to avoid all together. Anybody who cares about their health and the health of their children must listen to this episode. It may just save your life…

Meet Adria

Adria (pronounced uh-drEE-uh) is an Environmental Author and Journalist who has also written four books:

  1. Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products, and Services
  2. Ecoholic: US Edition
  3. Ecoholic Home: The Greenest, Cleanest and Most Energy-Efficient Information Under One (Canadian) Roof by Adria Vasil
  4. Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Guide to Living Healthy and Looking Good by Adria Vasil
Adria also writes a weekly column in Toronto’s NOW Magazine that’s called Ecoholic, which is an eye-opening guide to all of life’s greenest predicaments.

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Show Notes
  • An intro to Adria Vasil. [0:36]
  • How Adria got into the Ecoholic line of work. [2:19]
  • Why Adria loves writing Ecoholic. [6:11]
  • If not you, then who? [7:24]
  • You CAN make a difference by working in your corner of the world. [9:55]
  • How massive change happens. [11:37]
  • Why being an optimism is a MUST. [12:03]
  • The Ecoholic Body. [13:31]
  • Triclosan… What it is and why you need to avoid it. [15:15]
  • The “Mean 15” ingredients to avoid. [16:27]
  • Adria’s favourite natural toothpastes. [17:29]
  • Natural deodorants that work! [18:33]
  • Don’t waste your money on products that don’t work. [20:38]
  • For your Baby: What products to use and what ingredients to avoid. [21:38]
  • Adria’s take on Petroleum Jelly. [23:27]
  • One product. 1000 uses… [25:13]
  • Fragrance. It smells good. But is it good? [26:38]
  • What’s the point of all the “filler” ingredients? [27:45]
  • You’re voting every time you purchase something… Make your vote count! [28:14]
  • The best moisturizer in the world. [30:25]
  • How to communicate with corporations. [32:37]
  • Adria’s lesson for the World. [33:18]
  • An exercise in mindfulness. How are you impacting the world? [34:21]
  • Adria struggles just like the rest of us. [37:14]
  • The easiest way to start living the Ecoholic way. [39:35]
  • The best way to get in touch with Adria. [45:29]


Chris Castillo Head Shot“No Man Is An Island.” – Chris Castillo
Whether you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or just want to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills, Chris is your man! His think-outside-the-box mentality will inspire to act on your dreams now.
We are lucky enough to have Chris in our lives as a friend and a mentor and can vouch for everything he says. He is walking his talk and has proven himself over and over again. The tools to get you from where you are today to where you want to be lie in this episode.

Meet Chris
He is an entrepreneur, investor, author and educator. His purpose in life is to empower, inspire and motivate.
He is highly regarded as a Master Entrepreneur with experience in starting and growing over 10 successful businesses in different industries. Some of these include a restaurant, coffee shop, internet businesses, consultancy business, automotive repair shop and music entertainment company. He conducts seminars and workshops and coaches and consults other entrepreneurs to become Master Entrepreneurs all around the world.
His current businesses include Master Entrepreneur and Mechanic To You. He is also the author of a textbook that is used in Canadian Universities and Colleges called Small Business: An Entrepreneur’s Plan.
Chis is also a musician and as a guitar player he composes, records, and develops music. He was born in Chilli but currently lives in Ottawa with his wife, Lesley, and their three children.
Entrepreneurial Freedom

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Show Notes
  • An intro to Chris Castillo. [0:30]
  • Exciting New Project for Chris. [1:38]
  • How Chris gets it all done with the same 24 hours we all have. A true Master Entrepreneur [2:02]
  • How to figure out your strengths. [3:29]
  • Why Entrepreneurship was the only way for Chris to survive… Literally. [5:28]
  • How to turn struggles into stepping stones. [7:36]
  • Chris’ purpose in life. [8:21]
  • Chris’ philosophy and how he starts his businesses. [9:41]
  • The 1st step to starting your own business… And it’s NOT a business plan. [10:43]
  • The key to getting your business off the ground. [14:27]
  • Can we skip steps? [15:30]
  • The “Dorothy Principle”. [16:43]
  • How to take the 1st step. [17:18]
  • How to find your passion. The Not-To-Do List. [17:42]
  • What you’re good at may not be your passion… [20:21]
  • Where does motivation come from? [21:22]
  • Turn your passion into your career like a Master Entrepreneur [21:48]
  • Why we need an outsider’s perspective. [23:45]
  • One habit to keep up your confidence. [25:11]
  • Where does confidence come from? [27:00]
  • How being grateful can change everything. Even if it’s for mouldy bread… [28:50]
  • How to make the most of your current career even if you don’t like it. [29:25]
  • Chris’ lesson for the World. [31:08]