Bryan Reeves 2000x1500-4“Every man’s mastery is learning how to navigate his woman.” – Bryan Reeves

Women, do you wish your man could read your mind? Do you wish your man would just listen instead of always trying to find a solution? Do you wish he would just FEEL for once?

Men, do you wish you knew what made your woman happy? Do you wish your woman would just tell you what was on her mind? Do you wish she would just let you fix it (whatever “it” is)?

Well it’s your lucky day! Bryan Reeves is here to teach us how to communicate and be with our partner so that we all get what we’re looking for. It’s time to take your relationship to the next level. It’s time to dig deep, get real and have a truthful conversation about what’s really going on. Are you ready!?

Meet Bryan Reeves

A former US Air Force Captain turned Author / Coach / Speaker, Bryan has triumphed through multiple dark nights of the soul after hurling himself into the transformational fires of intimate relationship over and over again.
With a Masters Degree in Human Relations and massive insight gleaned through countless adventures, Bryan coaches men, women and couples in creating thriving lives and relationships. He is a regular blog contributor to Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Sexy Conscious Awake, Raw Attraction Magazine and more. He has also written a book called The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet which is available on Amazon.

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 Show Notes

  • Meet Bryan Reeves. [0:56]
  • The tipping point for Bryan Reeves came at age 36. [4:22]
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy is SO important. [7:22]
  • What men don’t understand about women. [10:23]
  • I know I need to communicate but how do I do it? [12:55]
  • The biggest mistake that men make when communicating with women. [14:04]
  • What NOT to do if you’re the man in a relationship. [17:00]
  • What do men and women really think of each other? [19:51]
  • How a woman can help her man. [20:24]
  • What each partner wants in a relationship. [23:35]
  • The most inspiring place Bryan Reeves has ever been. [29:51]
  • Bryan’s rituals and habits. [33:12]
  • What you can do TODAY to improve your relationship. [34:30]
  • And if you’re not in a relationship… [36:24]
  • Bryan’s World Lesson. [40:18]
  • How to get a hold of Bryan. [44:43]

“Inaction brings fear and doubt. Taking action brings confidence and courage.” – Tim & Ness

Why would you want to follow your fears? Because they will lead you to the life of your dreams!

Tim & Ness will teach you how to chase your fears down and turn them into fuel for your life. No more excuses! The tools you need to start living your dream life lie in this episode. A step by step process that gets to the root of what’s holding you back so that you can eliminate it once and for all. Lead your fears in the dance of life instead of having them lead you.

Meet Tim & Ness

Tim & Ness SunTim & Ness are lifestyle coaches and entrepreneurs who travel the world inspiring others who want more out of life. They help people to develop the mindset they need to create the lifestyle they want. They believe that life is about believing in yourself, living free from regrets, dreaming big and following your fears. They believe life is about unleashing the ultimate you.

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Show Notes
  • About Tim & Ness. [1:20]
  • Follow Your Fears… [1:50]
  • Follow your fears and become the person you’re meant to be. [3:46]
  • What Tim & Ness are all about. [6:35]
  • The lifestyle of Tim & Ness and how they got there. [7:35]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 1 – What Do You Want and Why? [12:40]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 2 – Identify Your Fears [14:19]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 3 – Chase Your Fears Down [15:42]
  • What fulfills Tim & Ness? [18:52]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 4 – Adopt New Beliefs [19:50]
  • How Tim & Ness busted their beliefs. [23:21]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 5 – How Will Life Be Better? [29:15]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 6 – Take Action NOW! [30:00]
  • Where can you use this? [32:10]
  • It’s not the fear that’s painful… [33:30]
  • Tim & Ness’ Lesson For The World. [35:31]
  • How to get a hold of Tim & Ness. [38:18]

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Todd & Cathy“Dude! Make yourself freaking happy!” – Todd Adams

Todd and Cathy are proof that it’s possible to work with your spouse, raise a family, have a career, follow your passion and have fun while doing it. This episode is a must for anybody who’s having trouble juggling their family, their passion and their career.

The Zen Parents will share what they do in order to make sure they not only are able to get everything done but also make their relationship stronger at the same time. From tips and tricks for parenting to learning from our kids, Todd and Cathy are walking their talk but know it’s not about being perfect.

Meet Todd & Cathy

Cathy (LCSW, CPC, CYT) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a PCI Certified Parent Coach, a Certified Elementary School Teacher, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She is also the author of The Self-Aware Parent, The Self-Aware Parent Two, and the recently released Living What You Want Your Kids to Learn: The Power of Self-Aware Parenting. She is a blogger for The Huffington Post, a columnist for Chicago Parent, and she offers retreats, presentations, and family yoga in Chicago. Cathy worked for many years as a Child and Family Therapist and Clinical Educator at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. She currently teaches in the Sociology Department at Dominican University.
Todd is a certified instructor for the Institute of Heartmath where he was trained in stress reduction and relaxation. He is co-facilitator of a local men’s group called The Tribe where he leads monthly meetings and offers annual adventure retreats. Todd recently completed his New Warrior Training through The ManKind Project, and he’s a blogger for The Good Men Project. Todd is a soccer coach and a Junior Achievement Educator; he teaches parenting and self-awareness classes with his wife Cathy. He’s also a sales rep for JVI Inc., a real estate investor in Chicago.
And since they didn’t have enough on their plate… Together, they have founded Zen Parenting, Inc., which is a company committed to helping people practice self-awareness, develop compassion, and practice kindness through podcasts, community events, books, and blogs.
As parents of three girls they practice what they preach on a daily basis.

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Show Notes
  • Intro to Todd & Cathy. [0:46]
  • How do they get it all done? [3:01]
  • Letting go in order to do what you love. [4:35]
  • The difference between loving what you do and being a workaholic. [6:24]
  • How Gorge Lucas knew he was doing his passion. [8:06]
  • How do you know if you’re going in the wrong direction? [9:30]
  • Why Todd and Cathy make a great team. [10:23]
  • What is Zen Parenting Radio? [13:12]
  • Is Zen Parenting becoming main stream? [15:58]
  • Tips and tricks from the Zen Parents themselves. [18:28]
  • Casey and Natasha argue? [22:53]
  • Our greatest teachers are often not who we think. [23:43]
  • The best thing our kids teach us. [24:45]
  • What Zen Parents struggle with and how they get through it. [25:51]
  • What is marriage “suppose” to look like? [32:29]
  • Who’s job is it to make you happy? [33:46]
  • Zen Parenting World Lessons. [34:59]
  • Zen Parenting Conference. [37:42]