Your new life is a decision away… Literally.” – Alex Kip

What do you do when you loose, what you think, is your identity? In this inspiring and life changing interview, Alex Kip shares what he did and what he continues to do to Live His Light.

At the young age of 22, Alex was given, what most of us would think is, the worst news of his life. Not for Alex Kip though! For Alex, this was the best news of his life. This was just the beginning of what has become the greatest adventure of his life. By changing his focus, he changed his life. One decision changed everything and now he’s here to share his story with you.

Meet Alex Kip

Alex Kip ReflectionAlex Kip has been called a “Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society Hero” and has spread his transformational strategies of wellness to major clients like United Healthcare, Nationwide Insurance, Pelotonia, and the University of Michigan. By helping Soul Warriors create a life with purpose as a certified Tony Robbins/Cloé Madanes life coach, speaker, and writer he has inspired thousands after surviving Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, losing his singing voice, and being told he had a 15-30% chance of survival.

Now in complete remission with his voice restored, Alex’s voice has been featured on PBS, NPR Stations, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success and Lifehack.  As the creator of KipTV and SoulFeed, a “New & Noteworthy” podcast on iTunes in self-help, spirituality, and education, he is featuring interviews with leaders like Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Seane Corn, Caroline Myss, and more to spread spiritual personal growth to a new generation.

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Show Notes

  • Meet Alex Kip. [1:18]
  • Alex Kip before the diagnosis… At 22 years of age… [2:55]
  • What do you do when you loose, what you think, is your identity? [5:02]
  • How cancer opened Alex Kip’s inner eye and changed his focus from me to we. [7:16]
  • Are you sleep walking through life? [9:32]
  • What happens after Alex Kip get’s the worst news of his life? [11:12]
  • 3 steps to shift your entire life so that it works FOR you. [14:04]
  • The 4 stages of competence. [17:22]
  • The most important years of a child’s life. [19:00]
  • What Alex Kip is doing now. [20:38]
  • How to create new patterns and re-wire yourself. [21:43]
  • Why meditation can change everything. [24:13]
  • The key is to find the balance between massive action and stillness. [26:23]
  • Alex Kip’s habits and why ‘try’ is the ultimate word. [29:44]
  • Training the mind to be courageous with cold showers. [32:51]
  • The cost of distractions and notifications. [35:38]
  • Alex Kip’s World Lesson. [36:33]
  • Get in touch with Alex Kip. [37:45]

About_Jon_photo“Our head is always hoodwinking us out of the real experiences that we crave in life.” – Jon Gabriel

Diets don’t work! What’s the first 3 letters of the word diet? D-I-E… You feel like you want to die every time you diet. No wonder they don’t work. Who wants to put themselves through pain? It’s never sustainable unless it’s enjoyable.

The Gabriel Method is all about a mind-body approach to loosing weight and being healthy. Eat what you want, however much you want, when you want. Sound too good to be true? Well you better take a listen to find out for yourself. This podcast episode will have you living the life you desire. You deserve to give this to yourself.

Meet Jon Gabriel

Jon has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. While there, he also pursued extensive coursework in biochemistry and performed research for the internationally recognized biochemist Dr. Jose Rabinowitz.
jon_2001_photoIn 2001, Jon weighed 409 pounds. He’d tried almost every popular diet available without success. Overweight, overworked, and unhappy, Jon was ready to give up. Then on September 11, 2001, Jon received a wake-up call. He was scheduled to fly from Newark to San Francisco that day, and it was only by chance that he was not on United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. This made Jon realize that life was a precious opportunity not to be wasted.
Jon also realized that his weight would eventually kill him, so he decided to do something about it. Over the next two and a half years, Jon lost more than 200 pounds without dieting, pills, or surgery. He also stopped feeling stressed and overworked and started living the life of his dreams. His book, The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body, is an international best seller, translated into 14 languages, with over 350,000 readers worldwide.

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Show Notes
  • Meet Jon Gabriel. [1:02]
  • How did Jon get to 409lbs? [2:31]
  • What does Dr. Atkins do when his “diet” doesn’t work? [4:50]
  • The list of things that didn’t work. [5:21]
  • The turning point… Your body wants to be fat… [7:00]
  • The decision that changed everything. [8:09]
  • Don’t stress out… You might get fat. [9:05]
  • Your head may be what’s holding you back. [10:23]
  • Eating junk food and loosing weight? [11:42]
  • What was Jon’s routine? [13:19]
  • The power of meditation and visualization. [14:38]
  • The premise of The Gabriel Method. [15:17]
  • Dieting doesn’t work! [16:20]
  • Cravings that serve you. [17:35]
  • Meditation. The world’s greatest experience. [18:32]
  • Follow the voice… [20:45]
  • Baby steps from the creator of The Gabriel Method. [25:58]
  • Turmeric Latté? [32:07]
  • Jon’s Lesson For The World. [33:39]
  • How to get a hold of Jon and the Gabriel Method. [34:27]


The Experience Genie“When we get knocked down we have 2 choices. We can stay down or we can get back up.” – Josh Dawson

No matter how crazy your idea is, you need to act on it! If it feels right and will serve the world, it’s your duty to act on it. Josh will share tips on how you can learn to follow your intuition, even if your intuition is telling you to dress up as a Genie and grant wishes…

We all have those ideas. Ideas that we know we need to act on but also make us look “crazy”. So what do you do, follow your intuition and do what you know is right or do what everybody else thinks is right? It’s up to you. Create your life or let life create you.

Meet Josh

Genie, Dad, Lover of Life.

Josh received his Bachelor of Commerce in International Marketing in 1998 and sold his first business to Canada’s largest travel company at age 30. Throughout his career, Josh has travelled the world extensively living in Canada, America, Australia, Ireland and England. Although avoiding the use of traditional labels, Josh has amassed a diverse, unconventional (and certainly odd) roster: TEDx presenter, writer, entrepreneur, stock trader, marketer, Thai scuba diver, race car driver, fighter jet pilot, and principle investment advisor.

Now, as a real-life Genie, he spends most his days on the road granting wishes. A gypsy by nature, this fun-loving Genie is on a mission – to celebrate life with light, one wish at a time.

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Show Notes
  • Meet Josh Dawson. [0:28]
  • How Josh developed this amazingly diverse bio. [1:32]
  • How to trust your gut. [2:27]
  • Who or what is The Genie? [3:58]
  • What do you do when you get knocked down? [7:18]
  • Where most of our help comes from. [8:08]
  • Just because it’s a crazy idea doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do. [8:34]
  • How to make your dreams come true… Even if you have kids. [12:10]
  • Step 2 to making your dreams a reality. [14:07]
  • Josh’s long term dream. [14:49]
  • Is your dream your reason for existence? [15:27]
  • What keeps The Genie alive? [17:08]
  • Where can you find The Genie? [19:31]
  • What if my wishes aren’t coming true? [21:02]
  • Habits that contribute to Josh’s success and overall fulfilment. [23:13]
  • 2 easy things you can do to improve your life. [24:05]
  • A new trick that Josh finds has really been helping him. [26:07]
  • Josh’s lesson for the World. [26:49]
  • How to follow your heart. [27:48]
  • Resources and how to contact The Genie. [31:32]