Geoff Soloway

In this episode, Dr. Geoff Solway speaks about:

– What the latest research is showing regarding mindfulness.

– How mindfulness can benefit the workplace and beyond.

– What mindfulness is.

– How you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

– How a mindfulness practice can re-wire your brain.

– Some tips on how to get started right now!

– And so much more.

Meet Geoff Soloway

Dr. Geoff Solway is the Co-Founder and Chief Training Officer of MindWell-UHe has been working in the area of health promotion, mindfulness and wellbeing for 15 years. He completed a PhD on Mindfulness at the University of Toronto, as well as a Master’s of Education on Holistic Education. Geoff has worked as an Instructor at University of Toronto and University of British Columbia (UBC) and as a consultant offering mindfulness-based workshops and programs for professionals in the workplace.

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Philip McKernan

In this episode, Philip McKernan addresses:

  • The difference between a talent and a gift.
  • The costs of not regularly giving ourselves permission for time to do nothing.
  • Why happiness is the byproduct of meaning.
  • Letting go of our attachments in order to create space.
  • How to leverage a painful experience.
  • The danger of giving too much of your identity to external outcomes
  • Developing the courage to stay true to your message
  • And a whole lot more…

Meet Philip McKernan

Philip McKernan is an international speaker, author, and filmmaker who coaches entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. He’s worked with the Canadian Olympic Team, The Pentagon and has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson. Philip helps those seeking clarity about their future and to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen. His most recent film entitled ‘Give & Grow‘ helps people to Uncover, Understand, and Unleash their Gift on the World.

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Martha Beck

In this episode, Martha Beck speaks with us about:

– Speaking with honesty.

– What a thought is and how to manage them.

– What our Metta self is and how it can bring us more peace

– How to be in the world with integrity and truth

– What is magic and miracles and can we experience them everyday

– How to manage despair and move into the mystery of life instead

– And so much more!

Meet Martha Beck

Writer, speaker, and life coach Martha Beck is the author of ten books, some of which are bestsellers. Readers can get a monthly hit of her unique blend of humor, science and spirituality in O, The Oprah Magazine. Martha recently published her first novel, Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening, which Elizabeth Gilbert has called “a perfect book.”

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Benjamin Shalva

In this episode, Benjamin Shalva and I discuss:

– How and why ambition can be addicting.

– The technique of breath, word and deed and how it can help.

– How to get out of the “any day now” practice.

– That the road to hell is not paved with good intentions, it’s paved with unexamined intentions and what this means.

– How mindfulness can actually bring to us what we are really looking for and so much more!

Meet Benjamin Shalva

As a rabbi, writer, meditation teacher and yoga instructor, Benjamin Shalva leads seminars and workshops around the world. He serves on the faculty of the Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington. His writings have been published in the Washington Post, Spirituality & Health magazine as well as the Elephant Journal.

Kim AnamiIn this week’s episode, Kim Anami shares with us:

How our sexual energy can be used as an inspirational, creative life-force and how that energy can improve our health, wealth and over all well-being.

How we can harness this powerful sexual energy that we all have within us.

How to become aware of the sexual taboos that we have all been exposed to at some point in our life that deem us to be wrong, dirty or otherwise bad.
Why and how its important to cultivate an intimate, even sexual relationship with ourselves.

And why an intimate relationship with someone else is not required to tap into this sexual, creative energy!

Meet Kim Anami

Kim Anami is a holistic sex and relationship coach, a writer and a speaker. Her work is a spiritual synthesis of two decades of growth-accelerating practices she uses to propel clients into higher stratospheres of connection, intimacy, energy and creativity.
Her musings on life and love have graced Playboy, Elle, Oprah Magazine, Shape and many more. She has also been featured on national talk shows such as E! Network and CNN.


Enjoy listening with an open heart and mind and note that there is explicit language and content in this episode. Also, you may notice yourself becoming triggered by some of the content. I invite you to question and become curious when (if) this happens for you at any point during the interview. Observe without judgment how you receive the content as well as the beliefs you have about it. Where did it come from for you? Is it true? How could you see your sexuality differently? Etc. 

Please enjoy this episode without little ones around as the language and content is very explicit.

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shawn3Aww sleep. There is nothing quite like a restful night of quality zzz’s to set us up for a refreshed and energized day.

Unfortunately, in our modern day society, millions of people are chronically sleep deprived and are suffering as a result. The effects of sleep deprivation can include, but are not limited to, immune system failure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, and memory loss just to name a few.

Our guest today, Shawn Stevenson, is a sleep expert and he is here to shed some light on just how important sleep is. It wasn’t until he became physically sick and unable to function himself until he realized that quality of sleep is a must if you want a quality life.

This episode address’ how much sleep we really need, quality over quantity of sleep as well as how to create a sleep sanctuary, plus much more.

Meet Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Nutrition and Fitness podcast on iTunes. A graduate of The University of Missouri – St. Louis with a background in biology and kinesiology, Shawn went on to be the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, a successful company that provides Wellness Services for both individuals and organizations worldwide. Shawn is also a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken for TEDx, universities, and numerous organizations with outstanding reviews.

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Dr John DemartiniRemember the book and documentary The Secret? Where we all watched it and thought, “Okay, that’s easy, all I have to do is just think about something positive that I want (i.e., more money) and then more money with simply appear and manifest itself.” – Wrong! How many of you tried it and it shockingly didn’t happen?!

That film was done over 10 years ago and we all have much more wisdom now and know that life doesn’t work like that… Or does it? Dr Demartini is here to share with us the true secrets to manifestation and how we can live an abundant life. He was featured in The Secret and is back on the big screen sharing his knowledge in the new documentary The Abundance Code.

In this episode, Dr John Demartini defines what it means to live with abundance and how to truly fulfill ourselves. We talk about how to shift our unconscious value systems to get to the root of why life may not be meeting our expectations. He also explains how we can understand what other people value and as a result connect with them at a much deeper, more intimate level.

Meet Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

His trademarked methodologies, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination, are the culmination of 42 years of cross-disciplinary research and study. His work has been  incorporated into  human development industries across the world.

Dr Demartini travels 360 days a year to countries all over the globe,  sharing his research and findings in all markets and sectors. He is the author of 40 books published in over 29 different languages. He has produced over 60 CDs and DVDs covering subjects such as development in relationships, wealth, education and business. Each program is designed to assist people to activate leadership and empower themselves in all seven areas of their lives: Financial, physical, mental, vocational, spiritual, family and social.

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James Van Praagh - PortraitsHave you ever wondered if there is life after death or if our loved ones who have passed are still with us?

In this episode, we chat with James Van Praagh who is one of the World’s most acclaimed spiritual leaders and pioneers. He is the author of  many New York Times Bestselling books and has appeared on countless TV shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil and Larry King Live. He has spent the last 30 years helping millions of people around the globe tap into their innate gifts, connect with the other side, and create deeper, more meaningful lives.

James shares how you can move through the process of grief in a healthy, purposeful and powerful way. As well as heal and move forward to embrace the gift of change. James also talks about the biggest misconception we have about death and what death really means.

You will also learn about how to use meditation to discover your true purpose, meet your guides, heal, turn fear into love, and so much more!

This episode is not to be missed and will have you expanding your awareness and enhancing your intuition. Listen with an open heart and mind!

Meet James Van Praagh

Internationally renowned #1 New York Times bestselling author of (get ready everyone) Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven and Earth, Looking Beyond, Meditations, Ghosts Among Us, Unfinished Business, Growing Up In Heaven, Adventures of the Soul, How to Heal a grieving Heart (co-authored with Doreen Virtue) and the soon to be released Power of Love; James Van Praagh is hailed throughout the world as a pioneer of the mediumship movement, and recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today. His messages have brought solace, peace and spiritual insights, changing millions view of both life and death. He has received many awards for his dedication to raising the consciousness of the planet.

James has appeared on virtually every national radio and television show including Oprah, Dr. PhilLarry King Live, 48 Hours, The View and many more. He was the host of his own nationally syndicated show Beyond. James has also been a successful producer for CBS, creating a mini-series Living With The Dead based on his life and The Dead Will Tell staring Eva Longoria. He was also the creator and executive producer of CBS’s long running series The Ghost Whisperer.

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Guy FinleyHave you ever felt like there is more to life than what meets the eye? Today’s guest sure has and he is here to remind us of what that is. Guy Finley has a lot to say about what it means to be conscious of our life and how that impacts the quality of it.

Guy suspected there was more to life than the type of worldly success that led to the emptiness and frustration he saw among his own “successful” friends and colleagues. He noticed what wasn’t working and made a shift to doing what felt to be true for him and his life.

He shares with us how we can enhance our level of self-reliance through self-illumination in order to override fear and hatred and also free ourselves of limitations that create within us feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety. Guy shows us how we can experience more compassion, love and kindness in life!

Meet Guy Finley

BEST-SELLING “LETTING GO” author, Guy Finley’s encouraging and accessible message is one of the true bright lights in our world today. His ideas go straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues — relationships, success, stress, peace, happiness, freedom — and lead the way to a higher life.

Finley is the acclaimed author of The Secret of Letting Go, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and 35 other major works that have sold over a million copies in 18 languages worldwide. In addition, he has presented over 4,000 self-realization seminars to thousands over the past 25 years and has been a guest on over 400 television and radio shows.

Guy Finley is also the Director of Life of Learning Foundation, which is a non-profit self-realization school in Merlin, Oregon.

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IMG_4894“We are so unique, yet similar.” – Natasha Grey

This is a very special episode. Every week you tune in and every week you listen to Natasha as she interviews guests from all over the world and from all walks of life all about Conscious Living; however, you may not know Natasha very well. This is your chance to hear her inspiring story.

Just like everybody else in this world, Natasha has had her fair share of struggles. Eating disorders, anxiety, depression and loneliness are all things that Natasha has dealt with in the past and still works on to this day. She’ll share how these experiences have helped her get to where she is today and how she’s using the pain from these “labels” to do her part in helping people wake up to the lives they’re meant to live.

Natasha will also share what The Conscious Living Podcast is all about, what keeps her going every single day and what habits help her stay on track. She even touches on how to help your kids with struggles they may be dealing with. To say this episode has a ton of information would be an understatement. Natasha holds nothing back and proves that she’s here to serve.

Meet Natasha Grey

In addition to being the host of this Podcast, Natasha has a Master’s degree in Psychology with an expertise in Child and Family Therapy and is the co-author of the children’s book Everyday Superheroes. Her work has also been featured in Holistic Parenting Magazine and Nurture Parenting Magazine.

Everyday Superheroes