Your new life is a decision away… Literally.” – Alex Kip

What do you do when you loose, what you think, is your identity? In this inspiring and life changing interview, Alex Kip shares what he did and what he continues to do to Live His Light.

At the young age of 22, Alex was given, what most of us would think is, the worst news of his life. Not for Alex Kip though! For Alex, this was the best news of his life. This was just the beginning of what has become the greatest adventure of his life. By changing his focus, he changed his life. One decision changed everything and now he’s here to share his story with you.

Meet Alex Kip

Alex Kip ReflectionAlex Kip has been called a “Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society Hero” and has spread his transformational strategies of wellness to major clients like United Healthcare, Nationwide Insurance, Pelotonia, and the University of Michigan. By helping Soul Warriors create a life with purpose as a certified Tony Robbins/Cloé Madanes life coach, speaker, and writer he has inspired thousands after surviving Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, losing his singing voice, and being told he had a 15-30% chance of survival.

Now in complete remission with his voice restored, Alex’s voice has been featured on PBS, NPR Stations, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success and Lifehack.  As the creator of KipTV and SoulFeed, a “New & Noteworthy” podcast on iTunes in self-help, spirituality, and education, he is featuring interviews with leaders like Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Seane Corn, Caroline Myss, and more to spread spiritual personal growth to a new generation.

Alex Kip’s Links & Resources

Show Notes

  • Meet Alex Kip. [1:18]
  • Alex Kip before the diagnosis… At 22 years of age… [2:55]
  • What do you do when you loose, what you think, is your identity? [5:02]
  • How cancer opened Alex Kip’s inner eye and changed his focus from me to we. [7:16]
  • Are you sleep walking through life? [9:32]
  • What happens after Alex Kip get’s the worst news of his life? [11:12]
  • 3 steps to shift your entire life so that it works FOR you. [14:04]
  • The 4 stages of competence. [17:22]
  • The most important years of a child’s life. [19:00]
  • What Alex Kip is doing now. [20:38]
  • How to create new patterns and re-wire yourself. [21:43]
  • Why meditation can change everything. [24:13]
  • The key is to find the balance between massive action and stillness. [26:23]
  • Alex Kip’s habits and why ‘try’ is the ultimate word. [29:44]
  • Training the mind to be courageous with cold showers. [32:51]
  • The cost of distractions and notifications. [35:38]
  • Alex Kip’s World Lesson. [36:33]
  • Get in touch with Alex Kip. [37:45]

What’s your story? What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? Is it empowering you or does it have you stuck? Is it exciting or boring? Would you read it or recommend it to a friend?

Often, we’re our own worst enemies. We’re quick to blame other people or certain events for our current circumstances and we forget that we have the final say. Ultimately, we’re the ones writing our stories! We get to choose what we do with every situation we come across. We choose whether we want to be the victor, or the victim. The villain or the hero. Our story can be a drama or an adventure. A comedy or a thriller.

No matter what you choose for your story, always remember, it’s your story. The pen is in your hands.

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“Inaction brings fear and doubt. Taking action brings confidence and courage.” – Tim & Ness

Why would you want to follow your fears? Because they will lead you to the life of your dreams!

Tim & Ness will teach you how to chase your fears down and turn them into fuel for your life. No more excuses! The tools you need to start living your dream life lie in this episode. A step by step process that gets to the root of what’s holding you back so that you can eliminate it once and for all. Lead your fears in the dance of life instead of having them lead you.

Meet Tim & Ness

Tim & Ness SunTim & Ness are lifestyle coaches and entrepreneurs who travel the world inspiring others who want more out of life. They help people to develop the mindset they need to create the lifestyle they want. They believe that life is about believing in yourself, living free from regrets, dreaming big and following your fears. They believe life is about unleashing the ultimate you.

Tim & Ness Links & Resources

Show Notes
  • About Tim & Ness. [1:20]
  • Follow Your Fears… [1:50]
  • Follow your fears and become the person you’re meant to be. [3:46]
  • What Tim & Ness are all about. [6:35]
  • The lifestyle of Tim & Ness and how they got there. [7:35]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 1 – What Do You Want and Why? [12:40]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 2 – Identify Your Fears [14:19]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 3 – Chase Your Fears Down [15:42]
  • What fulfills Tim & Ness? [18:52]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 4 – Adopt New Beliefs [19:50]
  • How Tim & Ness busted their beliefs. [23:21]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 5 – How Will Life Be Better? [29:15]
  • Busting Your Limiting Beliefs! – Step 6 – Take Action NOW! [30:00]
  • Where can you use this? [32:10]
  • It’s not the fear that’s painful… [33:30]
  • Tim & Ness’ Lesson For The World. [35:31]
  • How to get a hold of Tim & Ness. [38:18]

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“We are husband and wife and parents to our 2 year old son, Sullivan. We do our best in this journey called life. We strive for excellence, not perfection. We ponder our failures and celebrate our victories. We are human, just like you. We hope that sharing our experiences and the experiences of our guests will help you in some way.”

IMG_4726Casey’s passion for Conscious Living comes from his background in residential home construction. Having built everything from small renovations to major additions to custom homes, he has seen way too much garbage going to landfills. Now, as the President of Cornelis Grey Construction – The Conscious Builder, he is making sure that proper support and systems are being put in place in order to promote conscious, more sustainable building.

Casey’s leadership skills have helped him attract the people required in order to make real change in this world. He has many plans for the future but knows that he can’t do it alone. He understands that we all need to do our part. “All we can do is make sure we do the best we can with what we have and make sure we make the conscious decision,” says Casey. “Remember Newton’s Third Law; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that every thing you do will affect something or someone, somewhere. It’s up to you whether you want that effect to be positive or negative.”

Natasha has a passion for life and all that can become of it. “I am a believer in the human potential and the uniqueness that we all bring,” says Natasha. “I seek others to be inspired and hope to inspire others.”

IMG_4894She has a Master’s degree in Psychology with an expertise in Child and Family Therapy; however, has has made the conscious choice to transition her work from treatment of illness to prevention of illness. She now focuses her time and energy on wellbeing and wholeness. Natasha also has extensive training in nutrition and everyday seeks to learn something that she did not know the day before; something that serves herself and the world at large.

Now, this city boy and small town girl (shout out to Journey) are making sure that they lead by example. Casey’s leadership and environmental experience teamed up with Natasha’s nutrition and psychology experience makes for one heck of a team. They do their very best to live by Mahatma Gandhi’s famous saying, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” To start this major shift, one of the first moves they did was to build one of Canada’s very few Passive Houses in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In addition to this radical decision, Casey and Natasha make conscious daily choices about what type of food they put into their bodies as well as making sure they move their bodies; daily aerobic exercise, weight training and yoga are their go-tos.

Their son, Sullivan, is a constant reminder that they need to lead by example. They don’t want to do anything that they wouldn’t want their son to do. Natasha shares that “Knowing and doing are very different things. Most of us know what needs to be done but we may not necessarily do it. When Casey and I learn something new, it may be difficult, but deep down we know its the right thing to do – this is what we strive for – doing the right thing even if it is not the easiest.”

“It’s an ongoing process, but my wife and I are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and the lives of the people around us,” says Casey. “We Know it’s a journey and not a destination, as corny as that sounds.”

The Conscious Living Podcast is one of those things that can only create good. Not only will it serve Casey and Natasha, but it will serve it’s guests and it’s listeners. Win/Win/Win.

Whatever your next decision is make sure to make it consciously. Remember, even if you decide not to make a decision, that’s still a decision that, hopefully, you have made consciously!

Show Notes

  • Who Are Casey+Natasha? [0:35]
  • Who is Natasha Grey? [0:59]
  • Who is Casey Grey? [2:01]
  • What the The Conscious Living Podcast is all about. [2:49]
  • How The Conscious Living Podcast will serve YOU. [3:16]
  • The frequency of The Conscious Living Podcast. [4:12]
  • How can The Conscious Living Podcast better serve YOU? [4:20]