Naked Label Book“Give yourself permission.” – Briana Santoro

Do you read the labels on the back of the food you eat? Are the ingredients made in a plant or do they come from a plant? Recognizing this may just change your life forever.

Briana will share how she’s turned her passion into her career. Tips and tricks that you can start implementing today. Get out of the rut and start creating your dream life now because now is the best time you will ever have.

Meet Briana

Briana is the author of the #1 Best Selling cookbook on Amazon Get Naked in the Kitchen: Healthy Recipes That Are Proud to Bare It All.

She is a leading health and wellness speaker and is the founder and Chief Product Undresser at The Naked Label, a tell-it-like-it-is website that undresses the food we eat to see what it’s really made of, and to determine if it looks as good naked as its marketing messages claim. Briana received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Wilfrid Laurier University and her Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she now teaches the marketing courses.

She is also a proud new mommy and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Show Notes
  • What is The Naked Label? [1:59]
  • How did Briana get to where she is now? [3:14]
  • Why did Briana start this? [3:54]
  • When did Briana start this? [4:08]
  • 3 of the best decisions Briana has made for her life. [5:28]
  • What you may need to do in order to have the life you want. [8:40]
  • 2 Actionable Steps to Living the Life Your Desire. [9:57]
  • What is most important to Briana and Steve? What they base their decisions on. [10:26]
  • Briana’s pillars for her habits. [13:15]
  • How did Briana get clear on what she wanted for her live? [14:42]
  • Briana’s thoughts on struggles. [17:15]
  • Briana’s struggles. [18:22]
  • How does Briana take care of herself? [21:17]
  • Briana’s weekly & daily habits. [24.09]
  • If Briana was a teacher and the world was her classroom, the title of her lesson would be… [27:51]
  • What life is really about. [28:24]
  • What Briana wants you to do. [30:32]
  • Resources. [31:33]
  • Best way to get a hold of Briana [32:23]